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Welcome to Neverland!

Trick-or-treat everyone!

This year Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and Tinkerbell will work together on a special quest for lots of fun and hopefully lots of candy too. Sara sure has done a great job on these costumes.

Cheese! What a pretty fairy Muhahaha

Captain Hook and Peter Pan have never looked so happy.

Tinkerbell says she's ready to join the adventure.

Hook lets out an evil laugh. What could he be plotting?

Arr, where be my hook? Cupcakes and cheese, my favorite Zzzzzz

Captain Hook has found the sweet treasure and apparently a second hand.

Peter Pan also seems to be enjoying some chocolatey goodness.

What happened Tinkerbell? I guess she'll sit this adventure out.

Let's go get that candy Is this a joke? I can taste it already

The trick-or-treating begins.

Pretzels? Really? Where's the good stuff?

Michael already licking his lips in anticipation.

Quick to the ship Aye, there be the treasure Let's do that again

Is Captain Hook escaping with the loot? Get him Peter Pan.

Watch out behind you! Captain Hook's going for the jackpot. Oh, and what a nice pumpkin.

No, Peter Pan, we can't do it again. It's time to go home.